In the world of computers, cyber attacks can be compared to the spread of a virus such as coronavirus. In fact, the first attacks were made with software called viruses. Now they have different names, but generally they are based on three aspects, the malicious introduction on your computer or device, either by sticking to uncontrolled software installations, or with the phishing system with appropriate false emails from friends or superiors, replication on all devices connected with worm technology, any encryption of disks with a ransom note. This was the 2017 wannacry scheme. Now there are the variants of taking possession of the data to resell them or to blackmail the Company. We have seen in the spread of the coronavirus the closure of the areas with the outbreak of infection. Nobody does this in computer science, but WE with the RAMSES product monitors the territory and not only the client company, scanning a list of sites and warning when it finds an encrypted one. We also have our own buffer tests, as in coronavirus, that is the VULNER product that analyzes the vulnerabilities of a site in 5 minutes and does the work that an Ethical Hacker, or PenetrationTesting Company does in a week. Advantageously it does not use dangerous Hacker techniques but extracts the contents and identifies the dangerous conditions as an ultrasound technician in the human body. It can be used by anyone, without specific technical preparation. It saves expensive contracts with lawyers and insurance companies that the GDPR establishes necessary with Penetration Testing companies.

But the flagship of our products are the two encryption algorithms, patented and tested. Currently the offer of products using encryption uses the AES256 algorithm, which has a 32 byte key. Our algorithm uses keys of 12,000 bytes in length, and in the KEY-LOCK product it allows you to safely store passwords on the hard disk. We know that 90 percent of users if they have a son Robert born in 1995 put robert1995 as their password. This allows easy identification of the password with the attacks of the so-called Social Engineering. With KEY_LOCK robert1995 is only on the PC monitor. It also offers the encrypted, double-length password on the screen, which can easily be replaced in the login credentials of the bank or other sites. At the top of the offer we have the CRIPTEOS 3001 product that allows you to encrypt entire disks with two 130,000 characters each. It converts everything, text, images, zipped files, videos with a very high encryption speed: on a normal PC it encrypts half a billion characters (GIGA) of data in a minute Attempts to find the key by quickly trying all the keys until finding the right one, foresees 256 raised to 130,000. A number very huge. This allows you to store your data in an extremely secure way but above all to create extremely safe areas. As infected areas have been limited in the coronavirus, we isolate areas that need to be protected, not caring if the infection devastates the surrounding world. Do we have to defend a civilian nuclear power plant from attacks launched by refrigerators on the other side of the world ?. We install two PCs with CRIPTEOS 3001, one connected with the outside world, which encrypts in a super-secure way and, connected with a cable, a second PC connected to the nuclear power plant, the second PC decrypts and identifies any abnormal parts of the message, then passes the information to the nuclear power plant. All hacker attacks stop at the external PC. Advantageously it allows to respect the GDPR in video surveillance systems. The data is encrypted and secure. The key is provided only for inspections by the judiciary or other authorities.